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Hepatitis Education Project

Hepatitis C Testing

The Hepatitis Education Project conducts both on-site and off-site hepatitis C antibody screening. Aside from the HEP office, testing is done at chemical dependency centers, needle exchanges, community health fairs and drop in centers for homeless youth and adults.

The rapid test, which consists solely of a finger prick, checks for exposure to hepatitis C. It does NOT confirm an active infection. About 75% of people exposed to the hepatitis C virus develop a chronic infection, and only a PCR (also know as an RNA test or a viral load test) can confirm active infection. As such, individuals who test antibody positive are strongly encouraged to seek further screening to determine whether or not they resolved the virus or developed a chronic hepatitis C infection.

Counseling and testing appointments typically last 20-30 minutes.  It takes less than 5 minutes to take the test and results can be read 20 minutes later.  A counselor from the Hepatitis Education Project can explain results in person after those 20 minutes or will call or mail the results to you within a week.  Individuals who test positive will also receive additional counseling to discuss subsequent confirmatory testing and connecting to medical care.

Testing is completely confidential and free.  Staff are available to do testing M-F 9am-5pm.  Please call before dropping in.  No appointment or phone call nescessary if coming during our

Free walk-in Clinic Tuesdays 10am-2pm.

If you would like to schedule a testing appointment or would like HEP to conduct a testing event at your agency or health fair, please call 206-732-0311.

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