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Hepatitis Education Project

Youth Outreach

Despite the high prevalence of hepatitis C in the United States (about 1.6%), information on the virus has been largely absent from health education curricula in the public school system. By increasing the level of information and discussion of hepatitis C, HEP’s Youth Outreach & Prevention Program aims to make inroads into decreasing the ambiguity and ignorance surrounding the hepatitis C epidemic.

Youth Classes and Workshops

HEP offers interative classes and active outreach at high schools, day drop-in centers, transitional living centers, overnight emergency shelters, King County Juvenile detention facility and group care treatment centers for homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in the greater Seattle area.

If you are interested in having the Hepatitis Education Project conduct hep C education at a youth facility where you work, please call 206-732-0311.

In addition to spreading Hep C awareness we also conduct workshops on Harm Reduction to reduce the risk of young people who inject drugs.  Again please contact us if you are interested in having us come do either of these workshops with your young people.  Both workshops are about 45min to an hour long and completeley free of charge.

HEP's Youth Educational Materials

The Hepatitis Education Project has made all youth education materials available on the web. Click HERE to find full curriculum, tips, games and activities to make hepatitis relevant and real to the youth you work with.  For those of you in the greater Seattle Area, we can come out and teach this material to your staff.  See below.

Youth Worker Trainings

Since we cannot possibly meet all youth at risk of hepatitis, we happily train staff at organizations that serve youth to understand and spead awareness about hepatitis.  Please contact us at 206-732-0311 if you are interested in us coming to teach your staff in the basics of hepatitis or to train more in-depth of how to engage young people and help them assess their risk of hepatitis.  Trainings and teaching materials supplied after trainings are free of charge.

Volunteer with the Youth Program

If you are interested in teaching youth classes, please send your Volunteer Interest Form to Lee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Young people, people affected by hepatitis C and other peers are especially encouraged!

And check out our blog...
voice bubble1VOICE is HEP's blog that focuses on raising awareness about hepatitis and related health issues amongst youth and young adults. We post resources and information about prevention, advocacy & treatment that is relevant to younger populations who are living with, at risk for or otherwise affected by hepatitis.



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