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Hepatitis Education Project

Youth Education Materials

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Youth Education Facilitator's Guide

This includes the Hepatitis 101 and Stigma lesson plans along with a side by side script, summary, activities, visuals to use during education sessions, tips for teaching and frequent responses from youth.  Additional pieces may be needed to complete some of the activites described.  They can be found below.



Hepatitis 101

Hepatitis Games and Activites

  • for groups

Vocabulary Card Game Participants match the key terms used in a Hepatitis 101 lesson with descriptions.
Considering Transmission After understanding how one catches hepatitis C, this activity provides senarios where a youth might have put themselves at risk.  A faciltated discussion about risk and prevention follows.

Hepatitis Risk Ladder and Cards

Participants place activites on a ladder to indicate relative risk.


Risk Line-Up


Participants in small groups will recieve 3 activites that they must line up from least to most risky.  

  • for one-on-one teaching (or groups)

Hepatitis Memory Game Match the type of hepatitis with how you get it and if it has a vaccine or not. Players try to match more sets that their opponent.
Hepatitis Trivia Game 30 questions to be used as trivia
Safer Sex includes Lube Participants sort through 8 lubricants and pick out the ones that are "bad to use with latex condoms" and "safe to use with latex condoms."

Scavenger Hunt



Great for more quiet youth that learn best by reading. To make this activity a game have participants answer some some of the questions for a prize or race an opponent to answer them all first.

What's the Chance? Game

Participants place risk factors in categories based on how risky they are for catching hepatitis C.  Answers are on the back of the cards but are debateable.  Great for starting a discussion about a participants personal risk of catching hepatitis C


  • visuals and handouts

Hepatitis Greek-Roots Visual uses different colors to parse out the two greek roots in the word hepatitis.
Hepatitis Virus Template using this visual explains what a virus does and how it makes us sick
The Liver and Hepatitis Worksheet great for students taking notes 
The ABC's of Hepatitis handout great summary sheet handout or can be used as a poster




Stigma Games and Activites (for groups)

Health Race Character Cards When doing the health race (explained in the powerpoint and the youth education facilitator's guide) student volunteers can refer to these cards during the activity.
Labels are for Jars: Stigma Activity Labels In this activity, participants experience how it feels to be labels with something negative or positive.  Use this work document to print out labels for this activity.
Types of Stigma Handouts Print these out for participant readers during the types of stigma discussion.


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